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HIIT high intensity interval training

XLR8 Power Trainer HIIT (high intensity interval training) studies done on the concept and effectiveness of 4 minute training and other modalities of accelerated fitness training. These studies provide a deeper understanding of how range of motion imposing load during concentric & eccentric exercise.

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XLR8 Power Trainer Returns Investment

Returns your investment
Put money back in your wallet, add years to your life and free up close to 61 hours a year (based on the average person working out 3 times a week for 30 min). Imagine working out more muscle groups more effectively in the shortest period of time. The end result is superior conditioning and time savings. The average person in the USA will spend over 78 hours a year working out without achieving their desired results. Not including travel time, gas and down time due to injury. With the XLR8, your average time spent yearly is approx. 17.33 hours. 77% of your time is wasted with traditional workouts. What's YOUR time worth?

XLR8 Power Training

Fast. Smart. Beautiful
With the ability to increase your range of motion (ROM), uptake of oxygen, increased lung capacity, strength, endurance and flexibility, your overall metabolism will be elevated over the next 12 to 18 hours. The more muscle you build, the more calories you burn at rest. The xlr8 is designed to burn fat, not muscle unlike traditional steady state exercise. Results will be achieved faster than you've ever seen. Smart decisions produce beautiful results.

XLR8 Power Trainer made in USA

Made for life
XLR8 is hand crafted in Pennsylvania. Each unit is made upon order with the highest grade 304 solid stainless steel handles in the front and rear. Industrial coating prevents rust on the main frame. All welds are polished and become one with the machine. Backed by an unparalleled Lifetime warranty, your investment in longevity will be protected for as long as you own it. Each unit has the buyer's name engraved with their serial number on a plate behind the seat with a signature of the craftsman.

XLR8 Power Trainer unique design

Unique - Bio 3D™ Handles
The XLR8, unlike other ROM machines, utilizes Bio 3D™ front handles which adjust to your arm position and wrist rotation. As you push and pull, you can move the main handles 90 degrees vertically and the handles rotate 360 degrees. This allows for a more ergonomically correct form reducing risk of injury and allowing for more powerful reps.


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xlr8 4 minute workout

Fox News - 15 minute workouts taking industry by storm.

The key to the short workout's success revolves around a concept known as high-intensity interval training (HIIT). HIIT is a heightened form of interval training that involves alternating between periods of short, intense physical activity and fixed periods of low activity or rest. Intervals can include anything from fast squats and pushups to weight lifting and powerful cardio.

xlr8 rom machine in forbes magazine

XLR8 in the January issue of Forbes Magazine.

Article discusses the science of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and studies done by Professor Izumi Tabata

Dr Ben-Joseph Radio xlr8

XLR8 on Radio

Dr. Ben-Joseph of Natural Solutions Radio in El Paso Texas becomes the Exclusive Texas XLR8 Dealer. Click Here to listen to his Radio Interview with XLR8 Inventor Tony Parasco.

XLR8 Power Training

XLR8 In the Wall Street Journal

Wall Street Journal buzz about the XLR8. Click here to view article.